DAMACO S.A. established in ENGHIEN is a Belgian leading specialist in industrial bolting/screwing tools. Our 30 years of experience allow us to advise you the best quality and the most efficient tools to satisfy all your requirements.

As a Belgian manufacturer we offer our own DAMATORK bolting equipments. Complementary we also import and distribute on the Belgian and Luxembourgian market several well know and reputated international brands.

We give you hereunder an overview of our different brands :
•    DAMATORK: “Made in Belgium” manual torque multipliers, hydraulic torque wrenches for intensive and long lasting use and intelligent hydraulic power packs. These “all-in one” hydraulic pumps are equipped with an electronic module allowing fully automatic and controlled bolting cycle, datalogging and data transfer. They are compatible to work with the hydraulic wrenches from all manufacturers.
•    AS-TECH: Hydraulic pre-tensioning cilinders and high pressure pumps – datamonitoring and datalogging.
•    DINO PAOLI: pneumatic impact wrenches
•    NOVATORK: complete range of manual torque wrenches in several versions (capacities from 1 to 3.000 Nm),manual torque multipliers.
•    RAD TORQUE SYSTEMS: pneumatic, electric and battery nut runners, also servo drived with tracability and datalogging. Nutrunners with integrated torque transducer. SMART SOCKET: impact sockets with integrated torque transducer allowing direct reading of torque, datalogging and transfer.
•    YOKOTA/RED ROOSTER: impulse nutrunners (pneumatic, electric & battery : with data monitoring, -logging and -transfer.
•    TOHNICHI: torque wrenches : click, control, analog and electronic versions (torque and angle, re-tightening method inspection models). Torque and calibration test benches, static and dynamic transducers with datamonitoring, also battery types.
•    WREN: hydraulic torque wrenches (with square drive or low profile with hexagonal links(exchangeable cassettes). Hydraulic power packs (with pneumatic or electric motor)
•    SERVICES:  thanks to our very long expertise,we can offer you taylorised solutions and turnkey projects with the necessary training for your operators.We have also our own repair and calibration department for all brands. 

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