Currently, the Belgian Offshore Cluster has 50 active members. Our goal is to strenghten our respresentation of the Belgian Offshore Industry.

All people and companies who create an added value in the Belgian Offshore Industry and have an office based in Belgium can become a member of BOC vzw. Therefore, we distinguish two member types: participating members and supporting members.

Participating members are members who pay a members fee and can participate in the general assembly where they are given the right to vote. Supporting members are connected organisations that do not pay a members fee and do not have the right to vote in the general assembly.

The current board has been composed by the founding members of BOC vzw. The general assembly has the power to appoint new board members and to decide who will take part in the board.

Do you want to become a member?

The Belgian Offshore Cluster maintains a yearly membership fee of 850 EUR (ex. VAT). A small part of this fee is used to support the daily operations of our organisation. The other part gives members the opportunity to participate at a discount in events organised by the Belgian Offshore Cluster and our partners.

Download the member form using the button below. Complete the form and send it to A member of our organisation will contact you as fast as possible to handle your registration.

Download the membership form