Innovative services for the offshore wind industry proposed at the Energy Port Ostend

On the 30th of June in Ostend, the Belgian Offshore Cluster (BOC), the association of suppliers to the offshore wind industry, proposed a number of new services and technologies for the maintenance of offshore wind turbines, in partnership with Buijsse Specials, Geoxyz and G4S. 

The offshore wind market is vibrant in Belgium. A new big project will be the construction of ‘Nobel Wind’, the fourth wind farm in the Belgian North Sea. With the completion of Nobel Wind, Four out of 9 plannend wind farms will be built. All combined an installed capacity of 877 MW.

For the construction and the operation of a wind farm are many suppliers needed to have very specific technical knowledge. Belgian Offshore Cluster unites these suppliers. The main goal is to make their activities known abroad.

One-stop-shop for maintenance wind turbine structures - Buijsse Specials and GEOxyz

Whoever hears about offshore wind energy, associates immediately the installation costs, energy production and yield guarantees of the wind farm itself. At first, you think of the turbines and the offshore transformer station. But also crucial are the structures that carry this heavy equipment. Today's turbines weigh up to 500 tons and 100m high. These turbines have an expiry date of 20 to 25 years so regular inspection and maintenance is required.

Buijsse Specials and GEOxyz join forces and ensures total independance to maintain these structures in the challenging conditions posed by the sea. Combining the activities of both companies allows us to carry out all the work, from inspection to repair structures. The unique feature of this collaboration is the complete package runs independently to work, including the transport from specialist to the offshore location.  
Buijsse Specials, the youngest member in the Buijsse Group and based in Ostend, specializes in the conservation of steel and concrete structures. Buijsse Specials focuses on offshore coating operations.

Drones will be used for inspecting turbine structures - G4S

G4S and its partner DDC approach security from a unique point of view. A drone gives access to inaccessible places and notices every risk. Less accessible constructions or extensive sites can be inspected quickly and efficiently with drones. Backed by this innovative technology, the drone pilots at G4S examine all sorts of situations, to secure a safe environment.