Grandfather Sarens, a farmer, started using his horse and cart for forestry works. Trucks and engines progressively replaced this tree trunk transport combination as we always adapted the means to the needs of the customer and technology evolution. Since 1955 the Belgian based company grew from 1 man and his 12 children to a group with over 4.000 employees in 65 countries, offering crane rental services, heavy lifting and engineered transport. Hydraulic, lattice boom and tower cranes, SPMT’s as well as other alternative lifting devices are the state of the art tools for our engineers to contribute to the Sarens way: first analyze the problem and look for the ultimate technical solution, then execute the operation. We load, transport, build, and assemble with the suitable equipment, always under competent supervision. Sarens combines tradition, global spirit, excellence and experience with safe solutions. Nothing too heavy, nothing too high.


We complement full-scope project management providing onshore and offshore logistics such as the loading and unloading of extremely heavy wind turbine parts, logistics management and timely delivery of the different parts to the offshore site. Our partnerships with harbor operators ensure a one stop shop solution for all harbor logistics, resulting in time and cost-efficient solutions for our customers.


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